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    What are the 5 benefits of solar for your home?

    Does high electricity cost and erratic power supply prevent you from freely using electricity, the way you would wish to? What if we tell you that the power of the sun, if channelized, can power up your TVs, ACs, heaters, refrigerators, computers, food processing units, and other devices without...

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    6 Things You Must Know Before Buying a UPS

    Every residential or commercial establishment these days needs power backup, so that everyday activities can be conducted smoothly and safely. Modern life requires you to depend on a variety of electrical appliances like lights, fans, ACs, computers, washing machines, lifts, and industrial equipment. But power cuts can hamper the...

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    The Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Power Backup Solution

    Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, you surely appreciate the importance of continuous power supply to carry out all big and small activities of daily life. Of course, most appliances in modern homes and businesses rely on electricity and life simply cannot come to a standstill...

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    Which One is The Best Inverter Battery For Home?

    The Best Inverter Battery For Home? Power cuts can hamper everyday life in more ways than one. Without power supply, you cannot stay cool during summers, or watch exciting matches on the television, or charge your mobile devices, or keep food fresh or wash clothes in the washing machine....

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    6 Ways Solar Panels Can Benefit Your School

    Given the growing consciousness about global warming and pollution, the use of solar panels to generate power has been increasing steadily in Nigeria. And, it is natural, isn’t it? It is a clean source of energy that does not cause pollution of any kind, makes people self-sufficient and reduces...

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    How to Minimise your Monthly Electricity Bill with Genus Inverters

    While it may be obvious, let’s understand one thing – inverters do not generate electricity. A diesel gen-set does, but then that consumes energy from diesel to generate power. An inverter, instead, consumes grid power (when the mains are on) to store electricity in batteries. This stored power is...

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