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The leading renewable energy companies in Lekki,Lagos

TrueWish Energy > The leading renewable energy companies in Lekki,Lagos
    The leading renewable energy company in Lekki, Lagos
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    NO1 Leading Solar Renewable Energy Company

    TrueWish Energy  is one of the leading renewable energy company in Lekki, Lagos.

    We supply high-quality commercial renewable solar energy solutions.

    from solar pumps , solar panels,  solar generators, inverters,UPS, charge controllers, batteries and security cameras for homes and offices.  

    We also offer installation, maintenance and repair services in lekki.

    However, at the core of everything we do is our customers and our promise to you is simple- 24/7 Uninterrupted Power Supply.

    Over the past years we have supplied systems for a very wide range of clients.

    from government departments to private individuals and small companies.

    As Nigeria continues to desire steady and uninterrupted power supply having a renewable energy is important.

    There is the need to go beyond the construction of gas power plants and also look into alternative technologies.

    Especially renewable energy sources to power rural homes which constitute higher percentage of the Nigerian population.

    With the adverse effect of global climatic change and other degradation effects on our society at large.

    However, renewable energy development play a key role and harnessed energy and provides a safe and healthy environment for all and sundry.

    At TrueWish Energy , we provide cost effective, environmental friendly, high quality and innovative solar/renewable energy products.

    such as solar Panels, Inverters, solar charge controllers, Solar Home Lighting solutions, Deep cycle batteries, etc.  

    Our products are safe, reliable, affordable and of the highest standard.

    Growth is very important to us as an organization and we are committed to it, along with this growth comes the expansion of our product line and the services we offer. 

    Our Vision is to be an Integrated Renewable Energy company in lagos.

    Nigeria and Independent Power Producer providing electric power from Renewable Energy Technologies, RETs, for the benefit of rural and urban communities.

    our goal is to be is one of the leading renewable energy company in Lekki, Lagos.

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